Jersey Shore - COASTAL COLOR

Spring Lakes, NJ

The Backstory

In midst of renovating their primary residence, our client bought a second home in Spring Lake, NJ. They intended the four-story new build to be not just a summer beach house, but a place where they could escape from everyday life all year long. The challenge was how to translate their passion for vibrant hues and ethnic patterns into a more subdued and informal ambiance

The Design Brief

Work with existing elements – including some that were overly formal or trendy – to design a comfortable coastal oasis.

The Inspiration

Lighten Up. Creating a relaxed mood meant dialing down the bold approach the owners loved in the main house. We chose muted versions of their signature jewel tones: beige instead of emerald, light blue replacing teal. Then defined each room with a lush blend of textured and patterned textiles, rugs, and wall coverings. Simple changes – like swapping basketweave light fixtures for brass in the living room and complementing dark millwork with a black coffee table and accents – helped bring balance to the spacious spaces. We went with soft, feminine shades of green and pink for her “she-den.” And installed a basketball hoop and cool wall pads in the basement for the boys. Their bedrooms and the guest rooms are furnished in a mix of personal and ready-made pieces, elevated with details like richly textured custom window treatments.