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Interior Design panel discussion about Online Editorials:

We are honored to be asked to once again participate in a panel discussion about interior design, and this time, in our own backyard in Bergen County. The topic will cover how interior designers and decorators are focusing on getting press in today's digital era. We'll share some of our successes of what's worked and what hasn't - from our grassroots approach to hiring publicists + agents (you might be surprised at which avenue has been more successful for us) and what you should expect to achieve from press (are you trying to reach a certain demographic such as empty nesters or young families?) or do you want the notoriety among peers in the design industry? We'll be joined by Lisa McMahon, Andrew Joseph, and Nicole Haddad and the event is part of the ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Design Tour in Paramus, NJ.

Tickets for design industry friends are available here.

Room Transformations - Before and After Photos of some of our Interiors:

If you follow us on Instagram you probably know that every Tuesday we share our #TGtransformations - before and after photos of our interior design projects. We love that House Beautiful caught on to our passion for sharing our room transformations, and covered some of our greatest before and afters on their site. The most dramatic before and afters are of course from gut renovations or projects that involved construction, but it's also pretty clear here that a few cans of paint, some wallpaper and great color and pattern can dramatically transform a space. The room transformations we share also include some behind the scenes info into our design process - like rethinking the traditional furniture layout for a not-so-traditional family, or addressing the storage needs in a home that lacks closet space. And, in case you didn't know, you can also scroll down on most of our portfolio pages to see Before and Afters there, too!

How to rearrange the furniture you already have to create a completely new interior design layout:

House Beautiful tasked us with rearranging the furniture in a living/dining room and give it a brand new look and feel, and we were up for the design challenge! Our clients already had great pieces of furniture, but the arrangement wasn't working in the open plan living room and dining room combination space, so we "shopped their home" and pulled in a few other pieces of furniture from other rooms in order to complete the look. With some twists and turns of a sofa, a loveseat/banquette we created a more casual dining area, an open seating area that invites you in, and by tweaking some of the finishes in the space the overall feel is much brighter and airier.  Scale of furniture is so important in design. The coffee table that was originally in the room was an appropriate size for a suburban house, but in this condo apartment it was taking up too much space, visually and physically. We also added large scale art over the sofa to bring in some interest on the wall and a pop of color. Forget design on a dime - this was design for free by using what you've got! Click through to watch the full reveal on House Beautiful's website.

House Beautiful Next Wave Designers!:

We couldn't be more thrilled to share that we have been named in this month's issue of House Beautiful as the "Next Wave" interior designers. It's been a long journey here (we posted a little bit about it on our instagram feed) that started as a pipe dream in our first design studio over 8 years ago.  We are so excited to be recognized for our hard work in the renovation and decoration of homes in New York and New Jersey. But, as usual, we are too busy to sit here and relish too-too much in our successes and it's already on to the next design project! We are elbow-deep in designing an adorable Cape Style house in Northern NJ that will have a touch of Scandanavian, albeit timeless and contemporary, design. So, as they say, on to the next one, on to the next one.

Interiors Styling Tip:

The holidays are literally just around the corner which means so is holiday entertaining. One of our design clients called us with a request to get her home ready for family and friends. All of our projects include accessorizing, because an interior design project is just not complete without that final layer, but after 6 years, our client was asking for a little freshening up. We worked with some of our original accessories, peppered in some new dishes, vases and glassware, and incorporated some of her family heirlooms. Custom millwork is a huge part of our interior design work (in fact, scroll through almost any of our projects and you are bound to see built in cabinetry that is custom designed for each client) but staging those open shelves takes so. much. stuff. We have our clients fill out a lengthy interior design questionnaire when they begin working with us so we can learn about some of their hobbies and likes, and fill their homes with a few new things that mean something to them. On a recent lunch date with a client we learned that we share a love of Justin Timberlake so we happily added his new book to her home accessories list (because we love a good coffee table book, and we love a good sense of humor! I ordered one for myself at the same time too, naturally). On installation day we ask our clients to lay out any accessories that we are free to use (old wedding gifts are a popular one!) and we rummage through their cabinets and pull out knick-knacks and tchotchkes that they might not have even thought of using. Once we have all of the objects we clear away any clutter so we can start with a clean slate, and we add, subtract, and add again, until we have a layered, textured and varied end product. Most of our clients keep their shelves exactly the way we left them, even if years have passed since we originally staged them. And those clients get an A++.

Interior Design for the Generations:

We were asked by our good friends at Aspire Magazine to be part of their Long Island Design Tour and sit on a panel moderated by LuAnn Nigara of the famous Podcast, A Well Designed Business,  representing the Generation X demographic to give our insight as to what that generation needs and wants in kitchen design. The venue, The Breakfast Room in Manhasset, Long Island was gorgeous...and, don't you just love their name? The Breakfast Room, ahhhh. Along with Generation X, the Millennial and Baby Boomer generations were also represented.

We have designed many kitchens in our collective nearly 20 years in design and have designed for many Gen X'ers and baby boomers and recently worked with our first Millennial couple. So, how does kitchen design change for someone based upon their age group? Some of the answers we knew very quickly but we took to one of our favorite Facebook Moms Groups, Hoboken Mommies, and asked their opinion and boy did they deliver.

What we see is that Gen X'ers are in the most busy times of their lives. Typically they have recently bought their biggest home, they are the pinnacles of their careers, their homes are filled with children and pets, college costs await - you get the picture. In their kitchen, they are looking for timeless design are often timid about being daring with color and finishes because this kitchen will be theirs for a very long time, until it's time to downsize. Our Facebook Mommy friends all said they want efficiency which means lots of drawer cabinets outfitted with organizational accessories and refrigerator drawers (for little ones to stockpile their juice boxes and water) and dishwasher drawers to make washing smaller loads a breeze. They don't want too much tech but smart refrigerators that can maintain a grocery list that links to your phone app and smart double ovens reign supreme.

Whatever your age group, we find that your kitchens can truly be customized to work for your current life and what is valuable for you in that chapter of your life. Cheers!

How to make your lifestyle and your home design compatible:

We were thrilled to pick up the newest issue of (201) Magazine and once again see our work featured! We've been turning to this project time and time again to urge our clients to take a moment and consider how they truly live, and design their home to work for them. When we met this wonderful Tenafly, NJ couple, their dining table was covered in science projects, art projects and homework. Covered! It was clearly the hub of their home, sandwiched between the front door and the side door, and in close proximity to the stairs and the kitchen, making it a room that gets passed through multiple times a day. It had been sitting unfinished since they moved in years ago because they felt that they couldn't turn it into the formal dining room that it is "supposed" to be when it is a high traffic zone, and a family control center. We pushed them to lose the strict constraints that they were putting on themselves to create a formal space and to embrace their full and hectic lifestyle with a 'tween and a teen. We set out to create a casual but layered room with a large table that can accommodate homework OR dinner and have both feel completely appropriate. Click through to the article in the October issue on page 48 to read more of our tips including a few quick fixes like wallpapering the back of a bookcase, defining areas in open concept floor plan by way of lighting, and selecting the right shape and size tile for a bathroom renovation.

Innovation in Design Awards:

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are FINALISTS in the Bath Design category for New York Cottages & Garden's Innovation in Design Awards. The awards are being presented by One Kings Lane on October 24th at The Rainbow Room, and the evening honorees are Mitchell Gold Bob Williams. The bathroom we are nominated for is the black + white jewel box in our Postwar Panache project on the Upper East Side. We are so honored to be among such great company and look forward to celebrating!

Ask the Interior Design Experts:

We're back, and we're answering a design question  from a viewer who found us on You Tube all the way in Israel...we dish out advice on their furniture placement and wall color. If you want to dip your toe into the design world and have a question you want us to answer on Facebook or Instagram Live, or You Tube, reach out to us! We always have a little too much fun with these webisodes!

Edgewater's The Glass House: an Interior Design Showhouse:

Large expanses of glass and super clean lines are what make so many of the new construction river side buildings like The Glass House in Edgewater, NJ desirable. Putting our brand’s luxuriously livable stamp on the modern apartment in under four weeks was the challenge ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME magazine presented us with when they graciously invited us to be a part of their showhouse. Read all about our design process here, and for more images of this showhouse and more, check our Charity Showhouse portfolio page.

Design Project Reveal:

Postwar Panache: Seven years ago we designed and managed the construction process of a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom complete gut renovation on the Upper East Side in New York. We had designed the apartment with the thought in our minds to eventually combine it with the studio apartment next door, and many years later, our clients called us back to seamlessly merge the two.  Our interior design firm handled the entire project from start to finish including all of the construction plans, project management of the general contractor and all the way down the decorating (from furniture to fluffing pillows and filling decanters). Hear all about the inspiration and process here.

Interiors Styling Tip:

The #SHELFIE. You've probably heard this tag line a time or two if you spend any time at all on social media. But what's the buzz all about?! And why the heck are people so concerned with their shelves? Well, because they should be, if you ask us =) The styling of your home is the final layer in bringing a design together. When challenged with rows upon rows of bookshelves as we often are, its easy to become overwhelmed with how to curate the shelves without making them feel overstyled or impersonal. A quick takeaway as a starting point is to corral similar objects together and display them in groups on the shelves. Disparate objects should then be feathered in in between the groupings for balance. Feel free to go crazy with new decorative objects, but don't forget to incorporate momentos or keepsakes so that your #shelfie is just as personal as your #selfie!


Interiors Styling Tip:

Be BOLD. We love when a front door speaks to the people who inhabit the home. What do you think this fierce lion's head knocker says about the family who lives here?

Interiors Styling Tip:

Where do you start? That's probably the most common question we hear from clients when we approach a room design. The short, simple answer is with the floor. Yes, we spend plenty of time understanding the function, architecture and mood of the room before we even consider looking at finishes, but when we're ready to do so, we start with the floor plane. All the research we did beforehand will inform our decision as to whether or not this room will have bare floors, wall to wall carpeting or the perfect rug. From there we scour our options and have those options be the driving force for all of the other things we choose in the room. A faded antique rug may influence us to choose a pillow with beautiful fringe and a plaster fixture with a gold finial, while a bare white oak matte finish floor might have us pulling simple, sculptural accessories and Milo Baughman chairs. So when you don't know where to start, look down!

Ask the Interior Design Experts:

Sit down with us while we dissect some write-in reader decoration dilemmas, from when it's ok to paint crown moldings, base moldings, and window trim in different colors, to some space planning, window treatments and bedding help for a master bedroom overhaul. And while you're here, please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any more of our Ask the Experts series!

Pantone's Color of the Year: Ultraviolet:

Why we often use purple (or several shades of it) for tween and almost-tween girls. Read all about our use of Ultraviolet, Pantone's color of the year for 2018 in (201) Family. Scroll to page 14.

Interiors Styling Tip:

Designer showhouses are where interior designers get to shine. We take risks (jungled themed trellis wallpaper, anyone?), push limits (hand painted faux bois ceiling), and hope to inspire our visitors. Read about our NJ Designer Showhouse in Saddler River in (201) Magazine on page A26. #gobigorgohome

Design on a Dime:

This was our 4th year participating in Housing Work's annual Design on a Dime event, where top interior designers are challenged with creating a shop-able vignette entirely from donations, and all proceeds helping those affected by HIV and AIDS. It's a mad-dash to the finish line, for both installation (we get 1.5 days and when the bell rings we have to drop our tools!) and for shoppers (every year our art is snatched off the walls within minutes!). See photos from the event here.

Interiors Styling Tip:

The energy and excitement before the holidays is pure JOY. We love helping our clients prepare to welcome family and loved ones for the season and where better to do so than on your front door? Wreaths can be untraditional (and nondenominational) and we love having fun with holiday decor!